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Happy  2020!  A new and exciting year is in store for us!

I want to remind everyone that this is a perfect time to pay your 2020 RCA membership dues.

If you are a Rondeau leaseholder, you received the recent 3 year extension from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. This was the result of  your executive working extremely hard behind the scenes with many levels of government. Talks and meetings still continue.  If you value your cottage, your summers in Rondeau and a future full of family memories, then please pay your RCA dues.  Support for the RCA gives the executive the means to meet with lawyers and government representatives, make countless phone calls, have meetings all over Southwestern Ontario, send out newsletters…. the list goes on and on. We work diligently on behalf of everyone.

Payment is available on-line or by phone or snail mail.  Click here to get started, or click on the Pay Your Dues tab on the top of this page.

Thank you! Parks are for people too!

Elizabeth Cooper, Website Editor

P.S.: Only 5 months until the long weekend in May!