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Welcome New Cottagers!

Congratulations on your recent cottage purchase, and welcome to Rondeau! Our cottage community has been a family tradition and summer destination for over 100 years. You’re going to love it here!

Lily Catalfo holds her new granddaughter Molly in front of their new cottage!

The RCA was founded in 1928 as the Rondeau Park Leaseholders Association. We are recognized by the Province of Ontario as one of three stakeholders in Rondeau, along with Ontario Parks and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Membership is entirely voluntary; members must be cottage owners within the park and pay an annual membership fee. Over 90% of all leaseholders are RCA members. Our “Prime Directive” is to secure the permanency of our unique-in-Ontario cottage community.

The RCA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by the membership…

  • President: Dr. W. David Colby (Chatham)
  • Vice-President: Brian K. French (Chatham)
  • Secretary: Dr. Mike Newell (Chatham)
  • Treasurer: Beverly Brown, CPA CGA (Kitchener)
  • Directors at Large: Candice Barlow, Elizabeth Cooper, Len Copeland, Keith Graham, Bernie Lacroix, Eric Saward, Steve Schondorf, Garnet Smith, Rob van deel Piepers
  • Directors Emeritus: Murray Delmege, Stewart R. McLaren

Austin and Jaime Smith, and their children Norie and baby Maverick, are new owners on Lakeshore.

The RCA shares a part-time Office Manager, Mary Margaret McDonald, working from the Ag Business Centre at the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. Mary Margaret oversees our membership roster and day-to-day financials including processing membership fee payments over the phone.

Our Annual General Meeting is normally held the first Sunday in July at the Morpeth Community Hall. Only current members are permitted to attend the AGM. The annual membership fee is $175 per cottage no matter how many family members own or share it. Our only significant annual expenses are legal and lobbying costs towards our “Prime Directive” for the benefit of our membership.

The RCA maintains a website and a Facebook page. We also email RCA Bulletins to all members occasionally as circumstances warrant. Please ensure you submit any email address changes ASAP. Contact information including our office telephone number is listed on the get in touch page.

We hope this short introduction to the RCA has been helpful, and we hope you will consider joining your new Rondeau neighbours as members of the Rondeau Cottagers Association