Since 1894, when 20 lots were first surveyed, cottaging has been a part of the Rondeau Park community. The cottagers take great pride in the park which they consider their “second home”, actively promoting the betterment of the park for cottagers and other users through the Rondeau Cottagers Association. In 2014, the Rondeau Cottagers Association mission statement states cottagers are “protecting, preserving, and promoting Rondeau’s natural and historical environment.”

Parks are for people too!

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Recent Posts

June 4, 2019

2019 AGM

The RCA Annual General Meeting is set for Sunday July 7, starting at 10am at the Morpeth Hall. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend! Coffee and water will…
March 27, 2019

5 Cool Facts About Skinks

If you’ve ever seen a Five-lined Skink around your cottage, you know just how cute they are! The Five-lined Skink, which looks a bit like a salamander, is the only…
January 22, 2019

Rondeau in Winter

While it took until January 19th, Rondeau finally got its first decent snowfall. While finishing up some afternoon errands which included cottage checks for neighbours, I couldn't resist getting a few…
November 20, 2018

More Vandalism Prompts Installation of Surveillance Cameras

Here is a message from Superintendent Brad Connor to the RCA Membership on the recent vandalism in the park: "Please share with your membership that the park received approval to…