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Our AGM has traditionally been the first Sunday in July, but following a great deal of discussion the Board made the decision to move it this year.  It’s been rescheduled to Sunday August 12th at 10:00am at the Morpeth Community Hall. Here’s why…

We wanted to have solid lease extension news to share with you at our AGM. We don’t now, and — on July 1st — we still won’t.
The Ontario Provincial Election is June 7th.  As per standard election rules, all government activity basically stops a month before and it takes at least a month for things to start back up afterwards.  (Even longer if a new party wins power.)  With the election being June 7th and our original AGM date being July 1st, there will be nothing to tell you then that we don’t know now.  By mid-August, however, we should have at least some new information on our “2038” lease to share with all of you.

Please ensure you update your calendar with the RCA AGM on Sunday August 12, 2018.  It’ll be worth attending.