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At the time of writing this, 5 cottages have been vandalized in the park in about 5 days. According to Brad Connor, Park Superintendent, all of the cottages were in the south end, lakeside. Items stolen were electronics, clothing and liquor.

Connor suspects that the vandals entered the park after his staff were finished their shifts around  11pm. He says his staff is reduced significantly after the students leave and the campground closes for the season, and without a closed gate after hours the Park is open for anyone to enter.

Cottagers are reminded to keep their places security locked at all times including windows and to keep electronics and valuables at home over the winter or at least out of view.  Security systems are also encouraged to deter theft, but Connor suggested that even having a Security Company’s sticker on your window deters crime.  If you do detect forced entry and/or theft you must call the Chatham Kent OPP right away.  Once a crime has occurred inside your cottage, it is the OPP’s responsibility to follow up and make a report.

Brad Connor has asked the OPP to make more regular patrols through the park and he has instructed his Wardens to be more aware of suspicious activity and to inspect or stop any vehicle that they think is suspicious.

For those of us who visit the park over the winter months lets be vigilant and keep an eye out for our community!

  • Elizabeth Cooper, Website Editor