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Alysson Storey and Mike Rutledge.

The Go Fund Me account that was recently created by some caring cottagers to help our neighbourhood raised $3,542.46. The goal was $2,500.

In April, we as a cottage community were sad to hear that the Park had cancelled all camping due to the current lockdown, but not before Mike and Tina Rutledge, owners of the Bayview Market, had stocked their shelves in anticipation of the busy weeks ahead. Their store was full yet the projected traffic and sales did not happen!  So, cottager Keith Graham suggested to open a Go Fund Me page to raise some money which would be given to Mike and Tina so they could buy items from their store and then donate them to local food banks.  Three weeks later, thanks to generous donors, we raised over $3,500!

In addition, Mike had people walk in and give him cash donations to the cause, raising the amount to $4142.46 which will be invested into South Kent. This Rondeau community initiative is a win-win for local business and local food banks.

A big thank you to Keith Graham and Alysson Storey for doing much of the leg work, and to everyone who made a contribution to this cause!