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The campgrounds at provincial parks were all dry for the Victoria Day weekend. Except Rondeau — which was very, very wet.

Superintendent Brad Connor said most of the roads in the campground are still under water after last week’s heavy rain and dozens of sites have water higher than the fire pits.

“About 80 per cent of the roads in the campground are actually covered with water, and approximately 96 of the 262 sites are completely under water,” he said on Friday May 18th.

Connor said Ontario Parks decided on to close the campground until further notice. They hope to re-open the campground for next weekend (May 26), as long as it dries out by then. In the meantime, Rondeau Park is still open for day-use visitors and cottagers.

Cottagers, however, opened their summer homes this past weekend if they hadn’t already. But pools of water were still quite deep just north of the traffic circle as well as in front of the Walty Cabin.

Pictured above is the new banner display at the front gates to the park.  We thank Brad Connor for ordering it and putting on the bottom tag line: “Generously donated by the friends and families of the Rondeau Cottagers Association, past, present and future.”

We also thank the Cottagers Association for financing the cost of the lovely welcome banner!

Notice: Our AGM will be held on Sunday, August 12 at 10am at the Morpeth Hall.

Let the summer of 2018 begin!