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January 11, 2021
There were three break-ins at the park recently, that we know of at this time. Rob Van Deel Piepers is our liaison with Brad Connor the Park Superintendent, and we got this report today:
“A silver Toyota Camry with BC plates was found to be stuck in the Whitty property on Water Street late last week. Brad started to chat to the man and the woman in the vehicle asking what was up and they claim they were just turning around and got stuck. When asked for ID the couple got nervous at which time the male claimed he didn’t have ID on him and would not give his name. At this point, Brad called the OPP because he noticed boxes of tools in the back seat. When the OPP arrived and it turns out that the male is known to the police as one who has done other B&E’s in Chatham Kent.
The police and Brad proceeded to Sweagle’s old cottage and found the south side window removed and all drawers inside the cottage were gone through. The rear lock on the door was also cut
A third cottage on Water Street, owned by Bella and Gibson Bernath, also had apparently broken into.”
Brad is asking us to watch for this Camry and call OPP right away if it returns. At the time of this reporting, they were not able to charge anyone because there was not enough evidence.
We encourage ALL cottagers to call the OPP at 519-352-1122 if you ever see any suspicious activity in the park. The more calls they get the more often they will patrol the park.
Thanks and stay safe!