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If you ordered a seasonal or annual 2020 park pass on-line and have not received it yet in the mail, like myself, this is an email I received from Ontario Parks:

Unfortunately, due to the park closure and the fact that full operations have still not resumed, the shipping of your order will be delayed until Ontario Parks are fully operational.
If you have ordered a seasonal vehicle permit and wish to continue with your order, Ontario Parks will automatically extend the expiry date of the seasonal vehicle permit for the full length of the park closure period. When parks are fully operational, the extension will begin to apply.
That means for each month Ontario Parks is not fully operational, a full month will be added to the end date of the Summer AND Annual Seasonal Vehicle Permit. No further action is required, this will be applied automatically.
If you have ordered a seasonal vehicle permit, would like to cancel your order and receive a full refund, you are to reply to the email by May 29, 2020 with your order ID number and they will process the refund automatically.

You still do not need to show your pass or pay to get into Rondeau until it is fully open and staffed.

– E. Cooper, RCA Website Editor