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While it took until January 19th, Rondeau finally got its first decent snowfall. While finishing up some afternoon errands which included¬†cottage checks for neighbours, I couldn’t resist getting a few shots of some of the more rustic cottages along Lakeshore Road as many of them gradually approach the century mark.

Exactly one third of the way thru astronomical (calendar based) winter, winter enthusiasts can finally celebrate their favourite season. My good friend Billy Colby was even out cross country skiing yesterday, under great conditions.

Bathed in the glow of the low angled late afternoon mid-winter sun, white pine trees majestically towering above and sometimes framed by split rail fences iced with fresh snow, it looked as if you were wandering through a real life Christmas card! Look closely at the snow covered ground – you can see many tracks, but almost none of them are human.

The bone chilling air (12 F or -10 C) kept me moving around quickly, and bundled up with many layers – I was just glad this was near sunset. At sunrise, it was -4 F (-20 C)!

The bay is finally mostly frozen over as of a week ago – many ice fisherman were seen on it Friday and Sunday (Saturday – too nasty during the height of the storm). The lake, still open as recent as three days ago off the east side of the park, has rapidly growing shore ice now, with packs of ice beginning to be seen drifting on the lake as they come down the pipe from the north.

Rondeau cottagers and visitors: why not come out of your hibernation and take in the majestic pure winter views while they last. Even under the harshest conditions, there’s just something about the beauty of Rondeau as winter nears its mid-point. The extra quietness and lack of later season traffic are just two more perks you’ll get at this time of year.

Hope to see you soon!
John Price