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John and Brian Price

Since there are so many new leaseholders over the past year, I want to introduce you to John and Brian Price. John is…well… where do I start? He is a handyman, humanitarian, historian – and that’s just the letter H! Ha ha!

John is the RCA’s boots on the ground watchdog. He and his son Brian keep an eye on our cottage lots all year long, but it is especially valuable during these quiet winter months when there are always break-in’s and thefts. For a monthly stipend, he gives the executive a weekly report of anything out of the ordinary. He will report on any exterior damage or tree branches down etc. For example, just this past December 24th, someone noticed water leaking out the siding of a cottage on Lakeshore Road. John was called and he rushed up and went inside (he had a key) and turned off the water main. Saved that cottager thousands of dollars in repairs!
Having John and Brian providing this service is a comfort to us all while we are away from our homes in the ‘deau! Give a wave to John and Brian when you see them. They are so valuable and loved in this community.
– Elizabeth Cooper