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Here is a message from Superintendent Brad Connor to the RCA Membership on the recent vandalism in the park:

“Please share with your membership that the park received approval to install video surveillance cameras at the main gate, garbage/recycling area and in the maintenance compound.  The cameras at the main gate were installed November 19 and are currently up and running.  The cameras at the maintenance compound should be completed before the end of the week and the cameras at the garbage/recycling area should be installed by the end of the week provided Maple City Electric can attend the park to run some additional wiring in that area.

Temporary signage has been put up at the gate house in front of the office and I am currently in the process of ordering reflective blue and white signage that will be posted at the main entrance and a few other locations near park buildings.

The park has experienced quite a number of occurrences (and they are increasing) where members of the public come from outside of the park at all hours of the night and early morning to dump their garbage and recycling in our bins, dumpsters and even right onto the road in front of the maintenance compound.  This has created additional and unscheduled calls to our service provider, Waste Connections of Canada, for garbage and recycling removal which in turn increases costs to the park.  It also frustrates my maintenance staff to no end as they are continually having to clean up after these people.

I am hoping that by catching the license plates of a few people who are committing “theft of services” and having the park/OPP lay charges against those individuals the word will spread quite quickly about the video surveillance cameras. The park will have zero tolerance for those who choose to ignore posted signage regarding park hours of operation and the dumping of garbage and recyclables.As I understand it, the OPP will also be putting out a media release before the end of this week.  I have asked them to include the cottage break-ins as well as the loss the ATV and John Deere Gator from our maintenance building.  I was also informed by one OPP constable that officers have been asked by their platoon sergeants to conduct focused patrols here in the park when there are no occurrences on Highway 401.”

Note from the RCA: We also suggest that our members consider installing their own security measures which could include something as simple as a battery-powered intrusion alarm or inexpensive motion-sensing camera.  It is a good idea to remove valuable items (including alcohol) from your cottages over the winter.  And of course if you are checking your cottage over the winter, please check your neighbours’ cottages too.  Break and enters are very obvious and a quick glance is usually enough to tell if something is wrong.