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RCA President David Colby has called an All-Members Meeting for Friday December 3, 2021 at 7:00pm Rondeau time. This will be an online “Zoom” meeting facilitated by GetQuorum, just like our last one exactly six months prior. Members are invited to participate by videoconference or by telephone.

The purpose of this meeting is two-fold…

  • To update everyone on the lot sale proposal status
  • To hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Of course we normally hold our AGM’s on the first Sunday in July at the Morpeth Hall, but COVID-19 restrictions interrupted that schedule. Like many organizations we did not hold an AGM at all in 2020 so this will be our first since 2019. This will be an abbreviated AGM focusing on mandatory business matters only, including…

  • Called to Order by the President
  • Short message from Rondeau Park Superintendent Brad Connor
  • Secretary’s Report: Approval of Minutes of Last AGM
  • Treasurer’s Report:¬†Audited Financial Statements
  • Nomination and Election of Officers & Directors
  • New Business from the Floor
  • Adjournment

We’d like to keep the AGM part to 30-minutes maximum. It is anticipated that the Lot Sale Proposal update and subsequent Q&A’s will be the largest component of this meeting. The full agenda including the proposed slate of Officers & Directors, the Minutes of our 2019 AGM and our Audited Financial Statements will be circulated to all members by email in advance.

Those of you who participated in our June All-Members Meeting saw what an incredible job host/facilitator did with all the technical details and keeping us on track. We have retained their services again; they will be sending-out individual invitations to all RCA members and handling all the registration confirmations. If you’re at all worried about making this Zoom technology work, please relax — they’ll answer all your questions and make it easy to connect with us.

AGM documents will be forthcoming from the RCA; your personalized invitation and Zoom/Telephone connection details will be sent by